Monday, October 08, 2007

C.H.E.E.S.E Campaign intensifies

+++Agent 57 Communication+++
+++Subject: Perseus Deeps Activity+++

It is with some trepidation that I report that the situation in the Perseus Deeps is deteriorating. The various powers in the sector are sending ever larger forces in their efforts to obtain the Solar Enslaver. What they will do with it should they find the device does not bear thinking about.

The Tau:The Tau have been by far the most organised in their investigations, searching each system in turn, spreading out with four small fleets under Fastblade, Hawkeye, El Shi and another as yet unidentified Shas'O. These forces have been searching the systems closest to the Aleph Expansion sphere though Fastblade has yet to encounter enemy forces. El Shi, having defended his position on Skera from marauding Chaos marines this week came under attack from the Blood Martyrs chapter. However the Tau noticed the Imperial landing zone and launched their own devastating attack. What few marines escaped were forced to flee to their strike cruiser which was pursued out of the system by the Tau.

Commander Hawkeye on Parius was once again attacked by Chaos marines, this time the Penetrators whose presence is always a portent of bad thigs to come. In the ruins of Kath'A dor, an ancient and abandonned Imperial city, the Tau defeated the traitor marines and continued their search of the ruins.

Meanwhile in the Manir system the Dark Angels uncovered another Tau investigation force apparently intent on excavating the ruins of Dargore, an ancient Necron tomb system. The Dark Angels sent a small force to dissuade them but succumbed to accurate Tau fire and were forced to withdraw. The Tau investigations continue in this region of the deeps and several Waystations have already been setup.

The Eldar:The old race has finally shown its hand in two fierce engagements in the Cerelium and Arastos systems. On the planet of Cerelium itdelf amongst the decaying ruins of an old human settlement two chapters of Space Marines, as yet unidentified were apparently investigating strange readings emmanating from the planet's core. However one they landed a lage force of Eldar from at least two separate craftworlds appeared as if from nowhere and launched a ferocious attack. Once again the Imperial forces were obliged to withdraw from the system without uncovering the mystery of the emmanations.

On the Arastos system the Eldar encountered the Sons of Chaos and defeated them. It seems the Eldar are intent on preventing any investigation of this barren system.

The Necrons:The Necrons have been awakened on the Imperial outpost of Enosh where the Silurian Guard had landed after the local governor had reported strange sightings on the planet. Unfortunately this heralded the awakening of the Necrons on that world and all contact was lost during a viscious battle between hordes of the metal warriors and the Imperial defenders. I shall attempt to regain contact with agent 34 but I am not hopeful.

I will as ever continue my observations, but it is becoming increasingly difficult as each race becomes more suspicious. It may lead to our operations being uncovered. We must not allow any of these races to discover our agents and our dealings in the Perseus Deeps.
+++Message Ends+++

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