Monday, October 08, 2007

Fleets Clash in Perseus Deeps

While the various powers increased their investigations into the CHEESE device it was inevitable that their fleets would collide. The first such action took place on 0610.007M42 as two Imperial cruisers from the Vastrid subsector, carrying the 223rd Vastridian Guard to aid Inquisitor Huron in his investigations, accompanied by a Dark Angels strike cruiser, were ambushed by three Chaos cruisers while navigating the Perseus run.

The three Chaos ships were clearly part of Lord Traegen's fleet, rather than those of Grand Admiral Thok at Mordecai which was a worrying development. The encounter itself saw the Dark Angels cruiser seriously damaged and the Invincible reduced to little more than a hulk. The Intrepid, carrying the Vastridian 223rd was obliged to withdraw, fleeing back to Port Canuck just on the edge of the Deeps.

On the Chaos side the heavy cruiser Plagueclaw, badly led and apparentley inexperienced, was crippled by a bombing run which took out her bridge. After that her manouevring deteriorated and she was blown up by fire from the three Imperial vessels. This was the only Imperial success and it was bittersweet as the shockwave from the vessel's detonation was responsible for the loss of Invincible.

The result of the engagement was significant, as with bases on Kendrenec and Mordecai the Chaos forces had now effectively sealed off the Perseus run, preventing forces from reaching the remaining loyalist planets in the Aleph subector. By the end of the month this had led to the capitulation of Banderossa and Pirinar to the UFP. It also impeded the investigations into the Solar Enslaver, as the Imperium could not now penetrate the southern and eastern portions of the vast area.

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