Sunday, October 21, 2007

C.H.E.E.S.E. Campaign

+++Agent 57 Communication+++
+++Subject: Perseus Deeps Activity+++

My lords, the situation in the Perseus Deeps is becoming desperate. Already the Eldar, from the Saim Hann craftworld and another, as et unidentified group, have discovered the location of part of the device. I am certain of it. What they plan to do is uncertain but agents who have infiltrated their ranks (no mean feat) have discovered that they are massing in the webway, destined for Kendrenec, the Chaos fortress.

Additionally a number of races have encountered the Tyranids in their investigations, and few, save the Eldar, have bested them. It is the Tau however who, after the Eldar, are making more discoveries.

The Tau now have foothold bases in the Manir system, having defeated a Blood Ravens scoutin force. They also hold the Parius system, the enigmatic commander Hawkeye having seen of Chaos and Eldar threats. Now we see the Eldar attacking their one time allies. On Skera the situation is less clear cut as El Shi and another Tau Shas'O have been in action against both the Death Guard traitor Chapter and the mysterious Eldar. Something of note must exist on that planet, but what?

As ever I will keep you informed. If the Tau were to harness the power of the Solar Enslaver I fear for the delicate balance of power in the sector, even against the might of the old foe. We might find Tau natural allies, but I still harbour misgivings over their expansionist policies, even though they have been checked in the Aleph sector by the UFP, the one force taking no interest in the Deeps! Perhaps our agents should contact them and warn them?
+++Message Ends+++

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