Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jeffries Regains initiative

Following the Blood Martyrs' defeat Lord Commander Lenord was anxious to regain the initiative against the Tau forces in Coronia. Using what little fuel reserves he had left he ordered Colonel Jeffries to assault the forces of Shadowstrike in a bid to regain a bridgehead across the river Ornz, knowing that Shadowstrike's forces were relatively green and recovering from a recent bloody battle against Taves on the western front.

Jefries moved his forces forward cautiously, and Shadowstrike let him cross the river. Once half his troops were across leaving the other half on the west bank, the Tau commander attacked. What followed was a deeply confusing encounter with many units cut off and no real front line. Jeffries however had planned for such an eventuality, dividing his regiments into small battle contingents.

The fiercest fighting occurred around the town of Delinium, which received a hash pounding. Here the Tau forces were unable to give ground as the town guarded a crucial crossroads, and it was here that Jeffries poured in his main battle frces, intending to destroy as much of the Tau as he could.

The battle raged for almost a day and the result was conclusive. Accurate artillery fire surprised the Tau and destroyed their Hammerheads while Hellhound flame tanks were brutally effecive at removing Shadowstrike's forces from cover. Jeffries' forces also suffered, notably the front line stormtroopers who suffered a the hands of stealth suits. One unit fough bravely for the central town facory, but were destroyed by the Tau combined arms attacks.

By the end of 0909.07M42 Shadowstrike realised he could not hold the Imperial Guard and withdrew to safer defences. The Imperium had once again established a bridgehead over the river Stridius and were within striking distance of both Gwendelia and Corunium. While the Tau high command began an extensive review of their Melberg strategy, Colonel Lenord was promoted to General by a very satisfied Lenord, replacing General Cunningham who was redeployed to "other duties".

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