Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cerberex: Moonface eases pressure

On the recently quiet western front between the Chaos forces of Moonface and the UFP, the federation forces finally launched their major offensive against the city of Calormain, in the heart of Chaos territory. In the vanguard of the attack was the inxperienced but highly motivated Tallaxian 8th Armoured Division, who launched th main armoured thrust while the Hartak legions rested from their trials against the Imperium.

The inexperience of the Talaxians cost the UFP dearly as the UFP troops were caught in an ambush as they advanced, to the frustration of the UFP high command. Worse still their fire proved poor in the battle, with their brand new Vanquisher tanks proving paticularly ineffective. The Chaos forces, led by one of Moonface's veteran lieutenants, fell upon the unprepared UFP troops.

The battle was bloody and the UFP were forced to withdraw. Fortunately for the Tallaxians their commanders proved tactically adept, even if their forces could not match this with combat ability. In addition the overconfidence of some of the Chaos units caused them to be badly mauled as they followed the Tallaxian retreat. The Chaos forces had acheived a much needed victory atgainst their primary foe on Cerberex, but in the end it proved to be no more than a tactical one, and the UFP lines were not broken.

While the UFP and Chaos forces bludgeoned each other in the east the Imperial high command was in turmoil. Generals argued and morale plummeted. Many Imperial observers now realised that in all likelihood the planet would be lost.

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