Sunday, November 25, 2007

Eldar discover location of the "ball"

+++Agent 57 Communication+++
+++Subject: Eldar activity+++
The Eldar of the Saim Hann craftworld and another, as yet still unidentified origin have continued their relentless search for the Solar Enslaver. In their latest move the Tau found themselves under major assault as a large Eldar force emerged from the webway and slaughtered thousands. The attack seemed random at first but as the Tau defended their colonists a small force assaulted and destroyed the Tau science facility, leaving with several artifacts and most of the Tau research. The Tau have backups of their data, but it is now certain the Eldar have finally out the peices of the puzzle together regarding the containment unit or "ball". They have ascertained the device is located on the UFP world of Hartak.

It is my belief they will strike the UFP next.It will be intriguing to see how they attempt this. It is almost certain the UFP are unaware of what they posses, but removing the ball will be difficult for the Eldar. Hartak is a fortress ice world of several million hardy squats, who will not simply allow the Eldar to carry out excavations on their homeworld. Perhaps they will try to approach the UFP directly and negotiate for the artefact, but the UFP's primary obligation is to the Tau, who have been the target of the Eldar in recent activity. Perhaps they will try a stealth mission. Agent 43 is in position to keep us updated. I ask once again if now would be a prudent time to inform our allies of the Enslaver device?
+++Message Ends+++

+++EA High Command Communication+++
+++Subject: Re:Eldar activity+++
Update appreciated. On no account inform the UFP of what they possess. They are allies but will try to use the device. We cannot risk Tallaxian scientists meddling with Necron devices. They are not yet experienced enough in the ways of the galaxy.
+++Message Ends+++

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