Monday, November 05, 2007

C.H.E.E.S.E. More clashes see Eldar winning the race

+++Agent 57 Communication+++
+++Subject: Perseus Deeps Activity+++

My lords, the search for the Solar Enslaver continues, though it seems there are now only two major players in the investigations. The Tau have much information on all aspects of the Enslaver, but they remain distracted by Melberg and are unwilling it seems to cross into unknown territory in the Perseus Deeps. This may cost them as the Eldar, who attacked and laid waste to the Tau base on Skera last week, have now ample information on the "Trumpet" and have landed on Kendrenec.

The Dark Eldar too have entered the fray, though they are far behind their kin in their investigations. The Saim Hann eldar we know to have a large amount of information on the ball, despite the Kel Sandros Eldar trying to shield it from them. Soon enough I am sure they will know its wherabouts aswell. I fear there is little we can do to stop them and hope that the aliens will not do anything rash.

The Necrons seem to have returned to their long slumber, probably barely aware how close the Eldar are coming to discovering the entire device! The Imperium too, demoralised no doubt by recent defeats, seem to have abandonned the search, at least for the time being. Only the Tyranids seem to be increasing their presence in the Deeps, primarily seeing it as a source of nutrients no doubt. There is now increasing evidence that a splinter hive fleet, designated "Scylla" by the Imperium, is actively seeking information on the Solar Enslaver.

Why the hive mind would want such a device is unknown, but they have attacked in a pattern which can only suggest they are looking for information. Last week they fell upon the Templars Redemptus on Vorta, but after driving the superhumans away from the ancient Necron ruins on that world they then left a short while later. This is not usual Tyranid behaviour. The hive fleet has divided into many parts and the invasion of Libria has stalled. All this points to their attention be diverted by activity in the Deeps.

+++Message Ends+++

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