Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dark Angels massacre Tau in the south

On 2411.007M42 the Dark Angels, having learned from previous encounters with the Tau, launched their latest operation, with the blessings of overall commander Lord Commander Lenord. The operation was to be limited in nature, intending to reopen the way to the Corona peninsular where the all important oilfields of Melberg lay.

It may have been intended as a limited attack, but the Dark Angels fell upon the Tau defenders with amazing ferocity, seeking out individual units and desroying them without mercy. It was clear as the Tau attempted to counter attack with their hunter cadres, that the Dark Angels had modified their tacics and chosen their equipment well. Each squad was now equippied with a lascannon, which put paid to Hammerhead and Devlifish attacks. Additionally the Space Marines utilised their scout and assault units well, bringing close assault to the Tau where they least wanted it.

Supporting the assault units were a number of recently refitted predators, equipped with lascannons to deal with Tau skimmers and crisis suits and sponson heavy bolters, which ripped Tau fire warriors to shreds. The Tau had no chance and despite some ferocious firefights the Dark Angels secured a badly needed victory. Later that day two companies were deployed to the snowbound city of Pelisium in Veraconia, after intelligence predicted that a Tau air assault was likely as soon as the blizzards lifted. Lenord would not be caught out again as he was at Coravus.

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mate this whole thing is bloody awesome!