Tuesday, November 20, 2007

C.H.E.E.S.E. Tau under pressure

+++Agent 57 Communication+++
+++Subject: Eldar activity+++
The Tau on Skera and Parius have come under attack from Eldar forces in two raids in the space of a week. The first hit the colony of Parius very hard, wiping out a Tau garrison before withdrawing. Commander Hawkeye's deputy was killed ant the Tau commander was distraught at the news. Hawkeye at the time was in transit between Parius and Skera, after several raids on that system had led El Shi to call for aid. Hawkeye landed with a small contingent and defeated the Eldar raiders who had lain waste to the colony. Hawkeye deliberately used Kroot "bait" to draw the Eldar into a carefully placed trap before ambushing the alien raiders. Skera was saved and Hawkeye returned to the smashed ruins on parius. However it seems the Tau are more concerned with colonisation now, their interest in the Solar Enslaver apparently secondary to their conquest of the Deeps.
+++Message Ends+++

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