Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elan Ro secures Tarsis Minor

While the Orks flooded into the Tarsis system Elan Ro was determined to rid the agri-world of Tarsis Minor of all other forces. The Imperial garrison had surrendered on the first day but continued fighting against Chaos and Ork forces were sapping his reserves of men and materiel. The war on Tarsis Minor had to finish, and fast.

With lightning speed Elan Ro struck the Chaos and Ork bases simultaneously, surprising both armies. Small teams raided the Tau enemies at night while hunter cadres secured vital strongholds in the Ork and Chaos controlled areas. Then, they dug in.

This was an unusual tactical decision for the Tau who preferred not to fight on these terms, but while some Tau defended these vital assets from the Ork and Chaos forces, Elan Ro's fastest and best troops harried their enemies, never allowing them to mount a significant or overwhelming assault on his defensive positions. The result was devastating.

The Chaos troops on Tarsis Minor took heavy casualties before withdrawing,but at least twenty thousand Orks had to be killed, one by one, before the Tau could claim victory. Losses were high, but Elan Ro had taken on both the forces of Chaos and the hordes of the Orks, and successfully secured a vital off world base for the continued Tau invasion of Tarsis Major.

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