Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ork arrival

The Ork invasion of Tarsis Major, and of the Tarsis system as a whole was less of a planned invasion and more a series of crashes as hundreds of asteroids, accompanied by crude Ork war vessels, arrived in the system. Some missed their target, a few landing on Tarsis Major, at least two spiralling into the sun, but most of the Orks' modified Roks made it to Tarsis Major. Most made orbit, and the Ork Big Meks teleported thousands of Orks an hour onto the planet, most landing either on Sartano in the South, or on Merrin, near the Tau landing zone.

One large Rok however lost control, plunging into the sea just north of the Tuvan coast, sending an enormous wave which engulfed several towns on the coastal strip. Miraculously most of the Orks survived the impact and began swimming ashore. Very soon the East Tuva peninsular had fallen to the Orks and the mining complex of North Tuva had fallen. After the initial invasion the Imperial forces quickly dug in defensive lines against yet another enemy. Four powers now had to battle it out for control over the strategic heart of the Zadoc subsector.

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