Sunday, October 19, 2008

Librians push towards Maybourne

Since landing on 0210,008M42 the Chaos forces, led by a vanguard of Night Lords and their Death Guard allies, had made good gains to the south of the Border Heights, taking Maybourne early on in the initial phase of the landings. Raziel had set up command in the strategic centre of Sapphire Harbour, while another company of Night Lords had stationed themselves in Maybourne itself.

Commanding the forces on the continent of Tuva was General Cunningham, a veteran of the Librian campaign and still in favour with the high command, despite the surrender of forces there. His experience against the Tau had put him in good stead for the coming battle and follwing the initial invasion he had dug in his troops in the hills and mountains of the border heights.

Knowing Raziel was likely distracted with other events, Cunningham decided to go on the offensive and attacked the mostly infantry based forces around Maybourne. Cunningham used his Leman Russ and recently acquired Manticore artillery vehicles to good effect, and the veterans of Melberg found that while the Chaos Marines were a stubborn foe, their firepower proved effective against them. Lacking armoured transports the battle became one of attrition, one the Night Lords realised they could not afford.

By 1810.008M42 the Night Lords had fallen back to Maybourne, giving ground rather than taking any more casualties. Here Cunningham’s forces, aided by the Tarsis PDF, halted, knowing to follow into the city would be foolish until Astartes support had arrived. Even so, the Chaos forces, cut off from resupply, had been whittled down. In the north the Tau had not broken out, and the overall commander, Field Marshall Ney, was pleased with the initial gains.

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