Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Imperium abandons the Shadow Worlds

Following disasterous losses on Coronus it was hardly surprising that the Imperial forces on Bothorion, abandonned by the Imperial fleet, supply and then the Dark Angels, crumbled in the face of renewed Ork pressure. By 1010.008M42 the Orks had overrun all remaining Imperial positions on Bothorion and were close to taking the planet.

Meanwhile on Memnon the Eldar launched a furious assault on the Chaos forces still garrisoned there. Having left to plan the invasion of Tarsis Major, the Night Lords were not present when the Eldar fell upon a mix of legion troops and Chaos cultist, wiping the Chaos taint from the soil of Memnon.

Elsewehere in the Shadow worlds the Chaos forced left there to maintain their hold in the Mabb nebula found themselves beset by a renewed Necron threat. The resurgent automatons also awakened on Bothorion, slaughtering an Ork encampment they happened upon. Concern grew in a number of camps at the sudden reappearance of this capricious foe.

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