Sunday, November 28, 2010

Covenant of Damnation lose ground

Fighting broke out again between the factions of Chaos in 11.010M42. Worried about the increasing influence of the Covenant of Damnation, and more importantly their hold on supply shipments from Blight, the Claws of Lorek attacked the Covenant at the chaos base in the dead of night. The action was confused and disordered, with both sides doing little real damage to each other in the darkness. However Lorek's forces were able to wrestle control of the provision base on Blight from the grip of the covenant and ensure their own dominance over the chaos forces, at least for the time being.

The distraction on Blight may have contributed to the Covenant's subsequent defeat on Bastien, when the Imperium, lead by the Praetorian Guard, launched a major offensive in the south. Likely worrying about events on Blight, the leaders of Covenant forces reacted slowly, and by 0212.010M42 the Praetorians had taken significant ground off their enemy and had two of the remaining chaos settlements in easy striking distance.

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