Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dark Eldar raid Aethor & Ares

A new threat to the Perseus Deeps emerged in late 11.010M42 with the sudden appearance of Dark Eldar raiders. During 11.010M42 two major raids were reported, with the Dark Elves taking significant loot and slaves from both actions. The first came on 2611.010M42 on Aethor, and the Caldon Guard stationed their took heavy casualties and lost over a thousand men taken prisoner. Worse still the Dark Eldar took control of Aethor's main base for several hours, and caused a huge amount of damage before making off with most of the staff.

The second raid caused similar damage and netted the Dark Eldar a similar number of slaevs. This time the targer was Ares, and once again the surprise of the raid meant an effective defence never materialised. Both the Imperium and Chaos now had two major threats interfering with their war, the Necrons and Dark Eldar.

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