Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scallius falls to Necrons

The Necrons, now fully "awake" in the Perseus Deeps chose to attack chaos first. Imperial analyticae have pit this down to the heavy Imperial fleet presence, but many secretly believe they are flattering themselves. In any case the Necrons arrived suddenly and without warning on Scallius on 2611.010M42.

Brutal fighting ensued as the Necrons closed in on the major installations of the chaos base. Near the main landing strip the Claws of Lorek put up the strongest fight, but were slowly pushed back into a smaller and smaller perimeter around the base. By 2911.010M42 the Necrons had all but taken the strip.

Further battles on Scallius raged for a week, but by early 12.010M42 it had become a mopping up operation. With a large necron fleet in orbit around the world the forces of chaos didn't attempt to contest the system any longer. In just ten days the Necrons had conquered their first world.

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