Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Necron threat increases

In late 10.010M42, with the situation on Bastien remaining unresolved, both sides of Lord General Veers' crusade suffered raids from alien Necron forces. For months Veers had played down the threat of the Necrons, describing them as "unco-ordinated" and "sporadic", but to senior members of his tacticae it was becoming clear that the Necron raids were centred around Cathasaea, and the activity was increasing.

On 2710.010M42 the garrison on Aganthus was raided by Necrons who appeared from nowehere, destroying a key military base and settlement and defeating the Caldon Guard before disappearing once again. Later in the week Imperial spies heard of a similar raid against Blight, where the Clawes of Lorek took heavy casualties.

Admiral Jellicoe, commander of the Perseus Deeps Crusade fleet, searched in vain for any Necron ships in the vicinity, but General Veers was forced to reinforce his position on Aganthus, robbing the front lines on Bastien. The Necrons had become a serious thorn in the side of both sides contesting the Perseus Deeps. Neither side realised the real threat the Necrons faced however.

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