Sunday, March 27, 2011

Activity increases in Cerrack Nebula

As 03.011M42 drew to a close the activity in the Vastrid subsector, particularly in the Cerrack Nebula and its associated systems. The arrival of chaos forces in the area due to the Perseus Deeps crusade against them led to a consumate increase in Imperial forces being deployed to the region. This in turn stirred up the orks who had for a long time spent their time warring amongst themselves, as well as drawing the attentions of other races.

The Space Wolves had established a base on Quim following the destruction of the Praetorian Guard on Train, but shortly after their arrival they were attacked by Dark Eldar who appeared from nowhere. The alien cabal attempted to take as many slaves as possible from the primitive tribal human population, numbering around four and a half million, but this time the Space Marines stopped them after a brutal and bloody battle. The Dark Eldar had been raiding the planet for centuries according to the tribesmen, and they were glad of their saviours this time.

Meanwhile the Eldar attacked the orks of Warboss Thrugnik on Aspaster, though their reasons remain unknown. Perhaps they were trying to head off an impending Waagh! but their raid went badly wrong as the orks responded in great strength and with great enthusiasm. This victory spurred the orks on and on 2803.011M42 they raided the chaos forces on the neighbouring system of Triam, and now many observers feared that momentum was building behind Thrugnik at a time when a new ork resurgence was the last thing they needed.

The strange eldar harlequin force turned up once more before the end of 03.011M42, this time on Triam, where they attacked and decimated a force of Shadow Suns who had recently arrived to reinforce the Catechism forces. The raid was a welcome occurrence to the Imperium as the small chaos base on Triam remained isolated and unsupported and unable to influence greatly events in the region, but whether that was the intention of the unfathomable aliens was as ever pure speculation.

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