Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eldar on Mysterious mission

In 03.011M42 the Eldar began to resurface in the Perseus Deeps. With the Shadow World exodite colonies now protected, the harlequin led eldar now began to pursue another, more sinister agenda, which started with an unexpected raid on the Tau base planet of Cernunnos on 2203.011M42.

The Eldar, formerly friendly to the Tau suddenly appeared from nowhere through a webway portal only known to the mysterious harlequins of the eldar race. They took the Tau totally by surprise but as the eldar approached their main administrative centre the Tau did put up a creditable defence with the limited forces at their disposal.

The eldar were made to pay for every metre of Tau territory they took, but despite fighting hard the eldar forced their way into the heart of Tau control on Cernunnos. Frantically the Tau mobilised as many defenders as they could, but just as the Tau commanders had reinforced their retreating army and made plans for a counter attack, the eldar vanished. Upon returning to their violated base the Tau were appalled to find that an ancient and precious artefact of strange alien origin which they had been analysing for some time, had been stolen by the eldar.

At roughly the same time the eldar were also raiding the chaos forces of Lorek on Parthenope, though nothing of worth was apparently taken from the chaos world. The eldar merely arrived, defeated a large force of chaos marines, then departed just as suddenly. None of the eldar activity made sense to the other races of the Aleph Sector, but that suited the eldar just fine.

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