Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dark Angels turn the tide on Ares

For weeks the Imperial crusade on Ares had been stumbling, and recent events had put the Imperial position on the planet in peril. The Space Wolves of Erik Morkai had not been successful in bringing the world into the Emperor's benevolent light, and the crusade council struggled with what to do. They couldn't demand the Space Wolves change their plans without insulting an Astartes chapter, one which was vital to the success of the crusade. While General Veers pondered his next move, the Dark Angels made theirs.

Dropping to the north of Hephath station the Dark Angels fell upon the Claws of Lorek defending the settlement and soon succeeded where the Space Wolves had failed. Within days the forces of Lorek had been forced from the settlement and Ares City fell to the avenging angels before the Space Wolves even realised what was going on. The tide had been turned on Ares thanks to the Dark Angels, and the crusade was back on track.

Neither chapter appeared in front of Veers' council to explain the events, and Veers didn't even know if the two chapters were communicating on the ground. The Ares campaign was looking up for the Imperium but the diplomatic relations between the Space Wolves and Dark Angels - dreadful at the best of times - were a new addition to the worries of the Lord General commanding the Perseus Deeps crusade.

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