Sunday, March 06, 2011

Eldar close off their Shadow Worlds

As 03.011M42 began the Eldar finally achieved their long aim of hiding their three exodite planets in the Mabb Nebula. These planets had been hidden from the other races of the galaxy for millenia, but the outbreak of violence in the Shadow Worlds in 008M42 when Waagh! Nazghat erupted from Kallack and the key players in the Aleph Sector flocked to the region. Although the war had since moved on from the Shadow Worlds, the planets of Saim Lann, Mael Kithlan and Shelwe Agir remained dangerously exposed, open to invasion by any passing alien trespasser.

The Eldar, led by the harlequins themselves, had been working tirelessly to hide their planets from prying eyes once more, appearing from nowhere on scattered worlds using their knowledge of the webway, sealing old entrances and enacting the rites which would ensure the three Eldar worlds would not be accessible again to non Eldar.

Two worlds, Shelwe Agir and Mael Kithlan, had already been made safe, but Saim Lann required two more missions. Closing off webway certain webway portals on Tyndareous and Typhon would ensure the last of the trinity would be hidden, and once again the Eldar set out, finding their old portals now infested with the lesser race of man. On Tyndareous the Eldar encountered the Blood Angels, searching for some meaningless mon-Keigh trinket, but they brushed them aside and completed the necessary ritual. On Typhon the followers of the abomination dwealt, building their blasphemous citadel on the site of an ancient Eldar ruin.

Once again the Eldar armies struck hard and fast, defeating the Claws of Lorek and their gibbering daemonic host. Finally, after two years of despair, the final ritual took place and the Eldar withdrew. Mael Kithlan, Shelwe Agir and Saim Lann dissappeared from the scanners and sensor screens of the lesser races and the Eldar could live in their quiet seclusion once more. The harlequin forces, forever at the centre of the campaign to save the exodite worlds, left them with the gratitude of their people, to pursue other pressing matters...

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