Sunday, February 05, 2012

Da Verminator reappears in Perseus Deeps

The orks made a reappearance in early 02.012M42, attacking shipping between the Perseus Deeps and the Vastrid Sector. Raiders in ramshackle looking craft were encountered as far to the galactic fringe as Aganthus and in the other direction as far as Achreom. At first it was thought these forces were new and unrelated Ork warbands, but after one vessel was crippled and boarded, the crude sigil of Da Verminator was identified.

The Tau were the first to take any meaningful action against the Orks, as Shadowstrike dispatched a Tau force from Cernunnos to protect Aganthus. Predictable to a fault the Orks returned to their previously easy hunting grounds, only to encounter a fleet of brand new Tau vessels awaiting them.

The battle was horrificly one sided with the Tau making scrap metal out of Da Verminator's ungainly looking vessels. Shadowstrike was pleased with the new fleet, recently arrived at Cernunnos, and the Tau colonies in the Deeps were protected from Ork predation once more.

The battle near Aganthus forced the Orks in the opposite direction, and on 0902.012M42 Da Verminator's fleet arrived at Achreom in the Vastrid subsector, intent on raiding the Imperial outpost. Unfortunately, following heightened Dark Eldar activity in the area, the Dark Angels had recently arrived, and were well placed to ambush the large but lumbering Ork vessels. Once again the ork fleet was reduced to a floating mess of metal, but the Dark Angels knew that the orks would surely build more while Da Verminator lived.

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