Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hathek's treaty hangs by thread

Following the Tau's conquest of Tyndareous a water caste delegation was sent to Inquisitor Hathek and the crusade council. With Tyndareous pacified and Xanthus' forces there destroyed or fled it was the Tau Empire's position that there was no need for further hostilities. No sooner had the ambassadors of both races shaken hands and mouthed platitudes of their hopes for continued peace and co-operation then new information came in: the Space Wolves were attacking the Tau world of Hylas. The Tau delegation registered its outrage at this fresh breach of the treaty and left in stony silence. Xanthus may have lost the war on Tyndareous but it looked as if he would succeed in destroying Hathek's plans for peace. The Tau no longer trusted in Hathek, believing him to be either duplicitous or totally unable to control his own forces and the treaty was left hanging by a thread.

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