Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vastrid Subsector: Imperium fortifies

The Vastrid subsector saw continued fighting between 1502.012M42 and 2102.012M4 as aliens and factionality within the Imperium saw attacks on the bases General Pollack had won in the Vastrid subsector.

The first attack came as a surprise when the Red Angels launched a punitive raid on the Space Wolves on Achreom. The raid failed badly and the Space Wolves easily defended themselves against their ill-equiped Astartes brethren. After the engagement the leader of the Space Wolves, Erik Morkai, was furious with the actions of the Red Angels and demanded Inquisitor Hathek excommunicate them. However, knowing this was another provocative move by Xanthus, Hathek declined, a move which provoked even more annoyance from the Space Wolf commander.

While the Imperium was fighting itself, the newly conquered world of Spinitus came under attack from two Dark Eldar factions. The first, identified as the Rillietan, smashed the base of the Aurora Angels space Marines, who had been brought in to aid Pollack's actions in the Cerrack Nebula. However the second attack was ill timed, and the Dark Eldar lacked the element of surprise, so when their attack came, the Librian Guard defending were perfectly prepared, launching their own counter move as soon as the aliens were in range.

The battle was a very one sided affair and the Dark Eldar were forced to abandon their assault. Even so the outcome of the Dark Eldar raids was Pollack moving several regiments of Guardsmen from the less important Gabriel's World to defend Spinitus, a move which didn't go unnoticed by his enemies.

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