Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Enraptured gain on Sentinel

Following the frantic action in late 011M42 to secure the Device, the world of Sentinel had not been a major focus for Imperial efforts. The Perseus Deeps campaign had effectively stalled, as resources were stripped from General Veers and redirected to other more pressing needs outside of the Aleph sector. The Imperium had made good gains, but now Lord General Roover ordered a defensive stance, knowing that somewhere in the void Nemesis was building its strength, even if it hadn't flexed its full muscles on Alphe, and that the Chaos forces in the sector had largely been dealt with. Or so he thought.

It was true that Lorek had been beaten, the Catechism had all but disintegrated with the disappearance of Moonface, and the Covenant of Damnation had been all but wiped out during Veers' crusade. No other faction had taken the role as the leader of all chaos, and Imperial high command now felt it was time for consolidation, not further war.

Veers however disagreed. It didn't help that the spat between the Inquisitors Xanthus and Hathek had plunged the Imperium back into a war with the Tau, and denied him even further resources. The General was powerless however, and could not even muster enough Imperial Guard to retake the shattered remains of Sentinel, which was still half occupied by those Chaos forces left behind by Lorek following his departure.

The Aurora Angels and Red Angels did agree to deploy to Sentinel to watch over events. It was expected that over time the unmarshalled and scattered forces of chaos on Sentinel would dwindle and be easy pickings, but there was always the risk that one faction would gain dominance and lead the war against the Imperium, In late 02.012M42 that's exactly what happened.

After Lorek left Sentinel having failed to acquire the Device, the faction known as "The Enraptured" had schemed, beguiled and blugeoned their way to become leaders of the chaos forces left on Sentinel. Now with their forces unified, they went on the offensive, taking the watching Astartes by complete surprise.

The Aurora Angels and Red Angels both found themselves facing a highly mobile mechanised force opposing them, and while the Aurora Angels were able to hold their ground for a while, the Red Angels found themselves ill-equipped to face the reinvigorated traitor legions. The Enraptured smashed through their lines, forcing the Imperial forces to retreat towards the space port. By 2202.012M42 the Imperial hold on Sentinel appeared in doubt, and Veers urgently requested more forces from Roover, citing he Enraptured as a new potential "Master of Chaos" in the Aleph Sector.

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