Sunday, May 06, 2012

Imperial defeats in the Perseus Deeps

As 05.012M42 began Veer's had been optimistic. Although Gamador had been invaded by the Necrons, he finally had the forces to deal with them, while on Sentinel, the forces of Chaos had been vanquished and the Eldar had suffered defeats. Now he tasked General Ritchie with the final drive to rid Sentinel of the Xenos, while on Gamador he asked the Prozans to deal with the Necron threat.

Unfortunately the Prozan cavalry had never faced the Necron xenos before, and their attack from Port Secundus ended in disaster. The Valkyries of the regiment were easily swatted from the sky by the Necron weaponry, and the infantry stood no chance against the aliens. After just three hours of fighting the Prozan assault had been all but annihilated, and the Necrons moved swiftly to capitalise on their victory, overrunning Port Secundus, leaving Port Tertius as the only remaining servicable spaceport.

Veers received further bad news from Sentinel only a day later. While Ritchie was planning his next move the Rillietan Eldar somehow managed to get past the Imperial sentry points during the hours of darkness, and as dawn broke, launched a devastating assault on the south of the space port complex. The Librian Mechanised regiment was caught completely by surprise, and losses were horrific. Despite losing almost all their vehicles in practically the opening volley, the Colonel of the XXX regiment led his men in an heroic, if vain fight back, personally charging a mighty ELdar wraithlord.

The initial losses had been too severe however, and the regiment was all but wiped out. In response Ritchie had no option but to abandon the south of the Space port complex once more, once again cutting off precious supplies from his army.

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