Sunday, May 20, 2012

Necron unstoppable advance

As 05.012M42 progressed, the Necron advance didn't slow, and the alien warriors pushed ever deeper into Chaos held territory. More refugees fled to the supposed safety of the cities in the east, and Lucius and Velorur soon became swamped by terrified people, many of whom were accidentally freed slaves, set free by their masters once they themselves had moved north and east. Many were less fortunate, slaughtered out of hand by their overlords to prevent their use by the advancing Necrons.

Once again the Iron Warriors tried to bolster the defences of the Chaos forces in southern Calliden, but they were hampered by the factional nature of the world's government, as well as the eldar invasion in the Midland region. Even so, the Iron Warriors made a determined stand at Lucius, once again without success, and the city was quickly surrounded and taken. Much of the Chaos force was however evacuated to Seguinius, an island off the southern continent, thanks to the Iron Warriors stubborn resistance.

By 2005.012M42 the Iron Warriors had been forced back to the narrowest part of the landmass connecting Midland to Tarsh, following another heavy defeat in the plains in front of Velorur. Here the forces of Chaos were given a respite as the Necrons consolidated their gains and made plans for a renewed offensive. If the Necrons were to be held it would have to be here, before they took the whole of the south.

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