Sunday, May 06, 2012

Raid on Carnage

The Chaos world of Carnage came under sustained attack between 0605.012M42 and 1505.012M42, as Dark Eldar raiders suddenly appeared out of previously unkown warp gates, destroying installations and taking hundreds of indentured workers captive. These appeared to be the usual raids and not related to the Eldar or the Rillietan, but if the Dark Eldar were looking for an easy target, they had underestimated the defences of Carnage, a lesson which they soon learnt when the Iron Warriors and two full regiments of the Covenant of Damnation moved in to put an end to the orgy of destruction.

The Iron Warriors ruthlessly annihilated the Dark Eldar, before the Covenant of Damnation forces mopped up the rest. Presumably the Kabal carrying out the raid had failed to gather sufficient intelligence on their target, as Carnage had been substantially reinforced from Grimlock and Mordecai, as the Iron Warriors attempted to fortify all the worlds under chaos control, reacting to the invasion of Calliden and assuming, probably correctly, that the other worlds they controlled would be on the Necron target list. Whatever the reason, the Dark Eldar suffered a horrible setback, and the raids soon stopped.

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