Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stalemate on Gabriel's World

During the latter half of 05.012M42 General Pollack was unable to make headway against the Orks. On 1705.012M42 a sudden surprise attack out of the southern mountainous region, taking the Red Angel company stationed at the southern extreme of Imperial control by surprise. As usual the Red Angels lacked significant vehicle support, which was the primary reason why Pollack requested the Astartes act as sentries, and as the day wore on the massed horde of Greenskins began to overwhelm the Astartes positions. The Red Angels were only saved by the sudden onset of darkness and the planet's ionizing radiation, which made continuing the advance impossible.

During the night the Red Angels withdrew. As the morning of 1805.012M42 began the extent of the greenskin assault became apparent. The low hills where the mountains reached the plains were overrun with Orks and their equipment, and the army created huge plumes of smoke and dust around it. From the city of Gabriel's landing the entire Ork horde then came into view as the mass of aliens poured onto the plain, supported by Stompas and hundreds of crude tanks.

Fortunately Pollack had an ample reserve force to deal with such an attack. Finally the orks had shown their hand and appeared on terrain favourable to his forces, although the size of the ork force caused more than a few raised eyebrows.

Pollack could call on the help of two companies of Salamanders, several Guard regiments and three precious titans from the Legio Crucius, and in the ensuing battle the actions of the Reaver and two Warhound companions were critical.

The ork horde charged forward on a broad front, entering the outskirts of Gabriel's Landing on 1905.012M42. Pollack decided to send the Salamanders out in front to blunt the Ork attack, while keeping his Guard in reserve. Supported by the titans, the veteran space marines performed well, but were almost overwhelmed by the savagery of the ork attack. In the end superior firepower from the titans (if not superior accuracy from the Reaver) turned the tide, thinning out the ork mobs and allowing the Salamanders to break them up. Gabriel's Landing had been saved, but with Da Verminator's forces joining those native to the Vastrid subsector, Pollack now had a war to fight.

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