Sunday, June 10, 2012

Catechism beset by threats

Although the Tau had halted their expansion plans for the time being they continued to keep a wary eye on emerging threats throughout the Aleph Sector. The sharp increase in activity by the Catechism indicated that the debased Chaos worshippers might be stirring from their long dormancy and Tau Intelligence was concerned that they might threaten the security of the Empire's new holdings in the Zadoc subsector. Anxious to acquire more information a small task force was dispatched to monitor the heart of Chaos activity at Grimlock.

It was simple bad luck that the monitoring station was discovered having only been in place for a few days. The operation was supposed to have been a covert one and the lone Fire Caste cadre deployed to the planet was insufficient to protect the installation from a major attack. The Tau began an immediate evacuation but the Catechism responded quickly and the Tau soon found themselves fighting for their very survival. Despite putting up a spirited defence they could not hope to hold back the Chaos forces for long. Although most of their personnel were evacuated much of their equipment had to be abandoned as Traitor Marines overran the base.

Any further ground missions were considered too risky, the Tau would have to monitor the Catechism from space from now on.

Meanwhile the Dark Eldar continued their raids, this time venturing further afield and attacking Catechism installations on the base of Aornis. Aornis had been fought over many times by Imperial, Tau and Chaos forces between 008M42 and 009M42, but the base's defences had been scaled back after years of "peaceful" Chaos rule, and with increasing demands for men and equipment elsewhere in the sector.

Never-the-less the Catechism were still deployed in force on Aornis when the Dark Eldar attacked. However the forces of Chaos were unable to match the speed and firepower of the pinpoint raid, and the Dark Eldar departed after causing significant damage and collecting a profitable catch of slaves to take back to Commorragh.

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