Sunday, June 03, 2012

Eldar launch abortive raid against Skera

During late 05.012M42, the eldar were once again in action. Following their combined victory over the Imperium and Chaos on Sentinel, the small world of Skera now became the focus of their attention. As they had on Calliden and Blight, the eldar sent a small force, this time of eldar corsairs, to test the defences of the world, and do as much damage as possible, in order to pave the way for the full invasion.

The eldar corsairs used the intact webway to navigate to the former tau colony on 2805.012M42. They found the world completely changed, with the necrons having turned it into a small fortress, parading day and night before their overlords in the newly raised tomb cities. Before long the eldar corsairs were spotted, and the necrons turned on the raiders with savage ferocity. Using alien war engines and phalanxes of automaton warriors, the necrons savaged the eldar corsairs, who quickly withdrew to their webway portal. Skera would take a serious invasion to shift the defenders, and on 0106.012M42 an enormous energy spike signalled the activation of a new powerful necron starbase in the Perseus Deeps.

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