Sunday, June 03, 2012

Pollack regains initiative on Gabriel's World

General Pollack regained the initiative on Gabriel's World in late 05.012M42 with another attack by the Prozan Cavalry. By now the Orks in the north and south had linked up, following the defeats of the Imperial Guard and Red Angels earlier in the month. The Salamanders had held the line in front of Gabriel's Landing, and now the Ork horde was vulnerable, out in the open rather than hiding in the mountainous regions of the planet.

To take advantage of the confusion wrought by the Salamanders, Pollack ordered in the Prozan Cavalry once again, and in the more favourable terrain the Vendettas and Valkyries of the Imperial Guard were able to inflict significant damage on the Ork Warbands in the plains in front of Gabriel's landing, forcing the greenskins to once again flee to the more easily defensible hills. Of note was the appearance of yet another Ork warband known to the Aleph sector, bringing the number of discreet groups of Orks on Gabriel's World to three. Pollack was ordered to finish the job on Gabriel's World before it became the focus for a new Waagh!

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