Sunday, June 03, 2012

Nemesis attacks Gamador

Although much of its strength was engaged in its ongoing consumption of Alphe or still travelling through the black depths of the void Nemesis continued to send probe fleets ahead of its main tendrils in search of vulnerable worlds. One such probe made its way into the Perseus Deeps and released spores into the atmosphere of Gamador. The Necrons responded immediately and deployed forces to the landing sites with the intention of exterminating the invading Tyranids before they could gain a foothold.

The speed and ferocity that had proved so effective against the forces of the Imperium failed to make much of an impact on the implacable Necrons. Some isolated swarms did break through the hail of fire and succeed in eliminating pockets of Necrons but the Tyranids were quickly cleansed from the planets surface. The probe fleet found that the Necrons were widespread throughout the Perseus Deeps.

The Hive Mind processed this information and determined that the barren tomb worlds of the Necrons were too well defended to justify such slim pickings.

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