Friday, November 09, 2012

Battles in the Deeps

War continued to rage in the Perseus Deeps as 012M42 drew to a close. The invasion of Ares by the eldar once again flared up, with the Imperium suffering heavy losses at the hands of the Shattered Silence kabal of dark eldar. The morale of the guardsmen fighting on the world began to dip, as the war on Ares, previously thought to be won, now became a series of familiar running battles down the narrow corridor of land between Hephath Station and Ares city. The Blood Angels attempted to intervenet to dislodge the dark eldar, but were beaten back. The aliens now had a tenuous foothold in the main settlement of the world, and vicious street battles began.

Meanwhile the blood Angels attempted to turn the tide on Gamordal by striking at crucial necron installations, particularly an active webway portal which the aliens were using to reinforce their forces on the world without needing to use their fleet. If this supply line could be severed the Imperial Guard on the world would have time to dig in and attempt to hold the line, which was steadily falling back to the capital.

Unfortunately the necrons were well prepared for the Blood Angels' attack and the portal was heavily guarded. At one point a brave squad of battle brothers fought their way to the webway entrance itself, but were cut down as they tried to place their melta charges in the few weakspots identified by the Inquisition. With the mission a failure, the imperial forces on Gamordal continued to fight against hopeless odds, and on 0911.012M42 the primary spaceport of Gamordal fell, cutting the remaining imperial defenders off from their supply bases. Though the stranded units promised to fight to the last, without a significant intervention from Veers crusade the world was almost certainly lost to the Harakhty dynasty.

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