Sunday, November 25, 2012

Second eldar intervention on Fort Sparcos

On 2611.012M42 the eldar tried once again to interfere with the war on Fort Sparcos between the orks and hive fleet Nemesis. This time a stronger force of craftworld eldar was sent against Thrugnik's forces on the planet, but met with little success. The orks gleefully met the challenge to their authority and defeated the eldar after hard fighting. Little damage was done to the fort, and the repeated attacks merely attracted more orks from Kallack to Fort Sparcos to join in the scrap. However in defeat the eldar suddenly realised their plan might actually be working. By attracting more orks to Fort Sparcos the tyranids would have a harder and harder time to gain eventual victory. This was what they had hope would occur by manipulating events to bring forward the invasion of Kallack. Now the eldar switched tack, planning to keep the war on Fort Sparcos alive for as long as possible, though not with the catastrophic losses they had so far endured.

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