Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eldar raid Grimlock

On 2111.012M42 the eldar once again played their hand in a campaign that at first glance they had no interest in. They knew that general Veers had launched his latest crusade, albeit slowly, against the chaos world of Grimlock, the last major chaos world in the Zadoc subsector. They also knew that hive fleet Nemesis would soon turn towards the Grimlock system and attempt to devour it utterly. Once again the ancient capricious race decided to intervene, although their motives were not understood for several weeks.

The eldar corsairs, chosen for their particular skill at hit and run raiding, fell upon the Death Guard at the Hakargh defence complex, deep in the centre of the planet's main land mass. The installation had been one of General Veers' biggest concerns, as it was nigh on impossible to approach undetected, and only a suicide mission would have a chance to put the facility, responsible for the overall command and control of the chaos defences, out of action.

The news that the eldar had attacked this facility came as a pleasant surprise to the imperial general, however some hours later the more depressing news of an eldar massacre at the hands of the Death Guard dampened the old general's spirits somewhat. Hakargh still stood, its communication and sensor arrays intact and undiminished in their capacity to frustrate Veers' developing invasion plans, but the eldar had at least tried. Veers hoped their assistance wouldn't be a one off, and that the aliens would return in greater numbers to aid his campaign against chaos, planned to commence in earnest in just two more weeks.

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