Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nemesis attacks on all fronts

As 011.012 reached a close, hive fleet Nemesis continued to make progress on Fort Sparcos against the orks. Thrugnik's forces were defeated once again in the latter part of the month, although Nemesis had so far been unable to reach the walls of the formidable fort itself, which thanks to the eldar, was growing in power every day. Nemesis, although well supplied by its hive fleet tendril, did not have overwhelming strategic and logistic superiority as it enjoyed in the Rim Worlds here, and the orks were well supplied from Kallack itself. Despite the ferocity of each battle, little progress was made and more orks poured in to reinforce their brethren. It would be a long war to overcome the fortress.

Meanwhile on Aornis the Iron Warriors inflicted the first real setback Nemesis had suffered for many months. Victory on the ground ensured that Sackville was reclaimed by the forces of Chaos, and Nemesis were forced back into the western badlands. For now, given the strategic situation, the Iron Warriors were unable to exploit the victory any further, as all resources were being shipped to defend Grimlock from imminent attack. Nevertheless the tyranids had been beaten, and the doom of another world postponed for a while at least.

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