Sunday, November 03, 2013

Corticant: Necrons pushed back

While the defence on Ares collapsed, the Imperium under General Veers were experiencing slow but renewed success against the Necrons on Corticant. Since the initial invasion the Necron advance had petered out, and the defence lines at lake Hartford had held for months. Now Veers felt confident enough to launch an offensive, but it would be the Adeptus Astartes who began the assault.

The Apocalypse Riders and Ultramarines agreed an attack plan to use their moderate forces to test the Necron defences at Bymarsh. The initial raid tested out the enemy strength, the Apocalypse Riders hitting hard and fast before withdrawing having dealt the Necrons a significant blow. The Ultramarines followed up this success by securing much of the Bymarsh settlement, mercilessly eliminating the remaining Necron resisitance. Guard units followed in their wake and consolidated the imperial gains. It was a small victory compared to the scale of the events in the Zadoc subsector and on Ares, but it was an imperial victory none the less.

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