Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kabal of the Venom Drake suffer reversals

Since 09.013M42 the Kabal of the Venom Drake had been raiding in the Aleph Sector. Drawn by what no one could say, but it quickly became evident they were not part of the alliance and were simply out for personal gain. In secret they had started construction of a base in the Vastrid sector, to make raiding in the region easier and more profitable, but to complete this they needed a great deal of raw materials which were hard to access.

The raids had so far provided the dark eldar with the resources they required, but in 11.013M42 they suffered setbacks. In the early part of the month the kabal landed on Aethor, defeating a Crimson Fist force sent to investigate the strange goings on in the mountains after the planetary governor lost contact with outlying settlements. Alerted the the presence of the dark eldar General Veers dispatched a single regiment of Corellian Storm Guard to the planet, which quickly annihilated the alien threat, uncovering a horrific scene at the recently constructed slave mines.

Having been shifted from Aethor the dark eldar instead raided the nearby tau colony of Protogonus, hoping to find the ores needed to complete their space station. However, the Kabal of the Venom Drake found that the eldar had become aware of their machinations, and a combined eldar/tau force awaited them on the planet, ambushing them and forcing them to flee. The Kabal would have to wait a little longer to complete their enterprise.

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