Sunday, November 10, 2013

Necrons regain initiative on Corticant

The response to the losses of territory on Corticant from the Harakthy Dynasty was swift. If General Veers had hoped the necron empire was in decline he was disappoined on 0811.013M42 as the necrons launched a two pronged offensive north towards the settlement of Violetwind Coast. In the east the necrons faced the Novgorod Guard, who fought tenaciously without support for four days before being forced to withdraw towards Fort Bastion. In the north West, defending the road to the settlement itself, the imperial guard faced the Dynasty's elite forces, and Veers expected them to simply roll over the guard defences.

In fact, the Harakhty Dynasty got a nasty shock as their advance was spotted by imperial scouts. The guard units in the vanguard of the defence took the initiative, and launched a counter-punch which put the attacking necrons off balance, inflicting heavy casualties on the first day. However as the battle wore on, air superiority and careful deployment of reserves gradually eased the guardsmen back from their defences, and by 1111.013M42 the line was close to collapse. Concious of the risk of a necron breakthrough General Veers grudgingly abandoned Violetwind, falling back to more defensible positions. After a brief success, the imperium were slowly losing once more on Corticant.

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