Thursday, November 21, 2013

The end on Ares

With the sudden expansion of the Eldar controlled territory on Ares and the loss of so many of his forces, General Vassilevsky was fighting a losing battle on Ares by the middle of 011.013M42. The Imperium occupied just once city, Forbestown, and by 1711.013M42 even the hills around the Forbes Valley had been occupied by the eldar who were now able to fire on imperial positions almost at will.

To save as many of his mena as possible and buy time, Vassilevsky organised his last remaining units, a handful of Librian regiments and half a company of Blood Martyrs, for a last ditch counter attack towards Pallian. If successful the hills around the valley could be cleared, and the north west turned into a fortress while the General waited for reinforcements.

The imperial forces moved out on 1811.013M42, encountering Rillietan forces on the Pallian road. Despite initial success with the long range destruction of some eldar armour, the imperial assault was soon blunted as the Blood Martyrs were taken down in close assault by a Wraithknight and avatar of the laughing god. With the astartes support gone the Librian forces tried to press home their attack. Hellhounds caused heavy casualties amongst the eldar infantry, but the Librian anti tank weaponry was sorely pressed to deal with so many eldar skimmers as well as the wraithknight. Fortunately for the imperial guard this was the largest alien walker seen on that day, the eldar having chosen to withdraw their titans now that the imperial titans had been dealt with, but they weren't needed. Unable to stop the wraithknight or destroy enough grav tanks, the Librians were soon picked apart by their enemy. By 2111.013M42 the imperial counter attack was utterly spent, and the road open to Forbestown.

A few units of Imperial Guard fought on, but in vain. Forbestown fell on 2211.013M42 and with it the planet of Ares, which was added to the eldar list of conquests. Now they turned their attention to their next target...

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