Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catechism annihilated on Valboris, Orks in retreat

The increase in Tyranid activity was not limited to Betor as 06.009M42 progressed, but at the time Inquisitor Hathek, and the rest of the Imperium, were largely oblivious to the events taking place on Valboris and Kallack.

On the Ork planet Warlord Nazghat was facing increasing Tyranid incursions from the scrubby jungle which made up most of the planet. By 1706.009M42 these were becoming a serious drain on his resources, and an ominous psychic shadow began to appear around the planet, blocking out the normal chaotic Orky signature.

Meanwhile on the Chaos planet of Valboris, vanguard elements of Nemesis massacred an underprepared Catechism force which had arrived to procure a number of supploes needed for the prosecution of the Alphe campaign. Of the hundred or so veteran Chaos Marines dispatched to support and guard the trade envoy, none returned.

The Catechism however knew of the Tyranid threat posed by Nemesis and their soreceres had determined Alphe was in the latest infestation's critical path. Something had to be done to prevent their target world being engulfed by the swarm, so the sorcerers of the Catechism came up with a novel solution. Hiding the world from the Tyranid psyche was never going to be possible. Instead, the Chaos sorcerers modified the world'd psychic signature so that the Tyranid hive mine, although aware of the planet's existence, was not concious of it. The psychic machinations of the Catechism reduced the Tyranid interest in Alphe to nonexistant levels, and the hive fleet passed by a world teeming with biomass..

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