Thursday, June 04, 2009

Iron Warriors return

During 04.009M42 and 05.009M42 the Iron Warriors had been conducting a number of missions in the Rim and Shadow Worlds in order to finance and supply their continuing (yet futile) struggle on Tarsis Major. Overall this expedition had not gone well and they had expended as many if not more resources raiding as they had collected as loot.

One noteworthy exception to this was the Iron Warriors raid on the Dusk Raiders forward base, located somewhere in the Shadow Worlds. They had used this to invade Fort Sparcos and following their invasion of Alphe their supply convoys now had to reach all the way to the Imperial space lanes. This meant more escorting warriors, and less left at the base for its defence.

The Iron Warriors spotted this, and had the added excuse that the Dusk Raiders had allied themselves with The Catechism, who had first abandoned the Iron Warriors on Tarsis, then attacked them when they returned to the Rim Worlds, declaring them "Catechism domain" and demanding an oath of alliegance.

Using this as a pretext the Iron Warriors launched their most successful action of their expedition, raiding the Dusk Raiders' supplies before razing the base to the ground. While this had little overall effect on the Dusk Raiders, the Iron Warriors were able to return to Tarsis Prime with more ammunition, fuel and other precious supplies, and they immediately set to work re-fortifying their mountainous redoubt.

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