Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tarsis: Elan Ro straightens the line

As 05.009M42 drew to a close so did operation Triton. The Tau had taken a large swather of territory in the south of Tuva, but hadn't broken the Imperial Army. Silverbrook and Maybourne had fallen, but the Imperium still held the vital Border Heights and threatened to split the Tau in two with a focussed counter attack.

The Heights had to be taken and on 2705.009M42 Elan Ro led a special task force into the mountains to remove the Imperial Guard forces there
. The Heights were defended by the Tarsis PDF, but on their right flank, along the river Teranno, the Porphyrian regiments were identified as a weak link in the chain.

Elan Ro's task force would strike here.
Once again the mechanised forces of the Tau found the Porphyrians easy prey and by 0
506.009M42 the PDF had retreated from the Border Heights, removing the ever present threat to Maybourne and the Tau bridgehead on Tuva. Satisfied with this new gain in territory, Shadowstrike now prepared to smash the Imperial armies of Cunningham's newly formed Tuvan Army Group once and for all, and march on the capital.

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