Saturday, June 13, 2009

Imperial threat level raised

In early 06.009M42 more reports of Tyranid activity in the north of Betor reached Inquisitor Hathek. This time several villages in the northern polar region had been wiped out, their populations massacred. Inquisitor Ximenez sent Hathek graphic details of the dismemberments, as well as new information over the genetic diversity of the tyranid swarm.

It appeared that these Tyranids were not only genetically distinct from Triton, but that they contained DNA which did not appear on the Inquisitorial records. In addition the diversity within the sample creatures found led Hathek's on biologis teams to estimate the size of the swarm to be at least three times that claimed by the Inquisitor Lord Varnius. This only added to the psychic evidence which suggested a fleet with at least ten hive ships.

For now Hathek did not let this information go any further.
As Hathek prepared to visit Betor himself, worrying news arrived from the system. The Tyranids had met the Imperial army in open battle on the northern plain near Zephron. Their numbers and the ferocity of the attack had done serious damage to the Cerberex troops defending that sector and more settlements had succumbed to the Tyranid swarm. Hathek raised the Tyranid swarm threat level to "level 5" or "inundation imminent", thus preparing Betor for an imminent invasion by Tyranids. Hathek knew this action would not go unnoticed in the Inquisition's higher ranks.

Phase 1: Isolated Tyranid creature/genetic remnant discovered
Phase 2: Live Tyranid organism encountered.
Phase 3: At least one region of a planetary system encountering Tyranid activity. No hive psychic signal.
Phase 4: Outbreaks of Tyranid attack/encounter in at least two regions of a single planetary system. Hive psychic signal detectable.

Phase 5: Sustained outbreaks of Tyranid attack in at least two regions of a single planetary system. Hive psychic signal strong/overwhelming.
Phase 6: Full scale Tyranid hive invasion
Phase 7: - Post invasion

- 7a: Tyranid activity post peak. Possibility of recurrance.
- 7b: World annihilated.

Phase 8: No further Tyranid activity expected.

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