Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cerberex Guard advance

Following recent defeats and overall strategic supply issues, General Cunningham was painfully aware in early 06.009M42 that a broad sweeping offensive was out of the question, but he desperately wanted a victory, something that the Imperium could get behind and shout about, to improve morale and the continued will to fight against an enemy which was increasingly being viewed as "benevolent". The commisariat became increasingly active in 06.009M42 rooting out defeatism and those who would talk peace with the Tau.

It was the Cerberex regiments which, through their commander, suggested a push on Silverbrook from the west. With Shadowstrike and his forces known to be in the east of Tuva, a push here may be less well defended, reasoned the General of the Cerberex contingent. The plan was given formal approval by Cunningham on 1006.009M42 and the offensive began.

Despite being defended by the lesser known Ol Cha, the fight to the outskirts of the city was by no means an easy one. Fierce fighting erupted to the west of the main Tuva mountain chain, but gradually the Imperial Guard advanced on the city, reaching the outskirts by 1706.009M42, having advanced fifty or so miles from their start lines. By 1906.009M42 the attack had petered out and the Tau halted the Imperial forces outside the city. Cunningham however had his victory, however minor, and began planning to retake Silverbrook over the coming months.

The difficulties Cunningham faced in 06.009M42 were becoming crippling. Few supply convoys were getting through, reinforcements were becoming unavailable and the Tau controlled the air and all the major industrial zones on the planet. Logistically all he could do was hold out until he could build up the force needed to retake some of these vital objectives. In the meantime he had to hope the Tau didn't try to end the war quickly.

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