Sunday, August 30, 2009


Deliverance. That is the only word I can think of to convey the change of fortunes on Betor. Just five days ago I received at my headquarters the captains of three separate Astartes chapters. Each had arrived in system with a strike cruiser and fresh troops following my call for aid. Immediately the gods of battle had the desired effect. The overall commander of the Imperial Guard and the governer of Betor were somewhat difficult however, as they felt pushed aside in decision making. I made sure they understood that I would have none of it, and gave them both a stern talking to.

The Space Marines fought hard and side by side with a co-operation I have rarely seen amongst Guard units. In the north they fell upon the centre of the Tyranids, disgorging troops into the heart of the alien hive node, destroying it utterly. All the regular troops had to do was mop up the few survivors, and I made sure that every cell of every xenos being was burned, lest the material infect the planet. At 2pm this afternoon I was happy to declare northern Betor cleansed of the Tyranid menace.

In the south the Astartes set about their task with relish, inflicting horrific casualties on the alien beings as they pushed them out of Eigenfeld and then, by the end of 2908.009M42, clear of Magdeburg. We have them on the run, I feel sure their force is spent. Thanks to the arrival of the Adeptus Astartes the world is saved.

Magdeburg is intact, though devoid entirely of all life. Once again I have ordered every building searched in turn, and every room of every house torched, lest some contaminant remain. Now there remains the hive node in the south, the last bastion of Tyranid infection on this world. I do hope the Astartes will remain to finish the job. Further afield I still have no reports of Tyranid activity, and the shadow in the warp has lessened, I am able once again to communicate with the rest of the sector through my astropath.

We must not let up here on Betor however. One hive node remains, and all life in the region of their infestation has been stripped bare. Nemesis still has enough biomass for one last offensive, so we must remain vigilant. There also remains the question of the Hive Fleet itself. Where has it gone? Was this truly a mere splinter of a larger fleet or were the assurances I received actually the truth? I hope I will not be accused of "crying wolf" over the Nemesis threat... Though I do hope I was wrong.

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