Sunday, August 30, 2009

Imperium lands on Bothorion

While the Imperium were gaining ground on Betor against the Tyranid threat, Lord General Thaddeus Roover, keen to impress his superiors before the appointment of a Warmaster to the Aleph Sector, was adamant that the successful prosecution of the war in the Shadow Worlds was a priority. He managed to use his influence to convince a small company of Space Marines to affect a landing on Bothorion, which still remained in Ork hands.

The landing went well, with the Astartes forces backed up by a substantial naval battlegroup, led by the carrier Illustrious under Commodore McManners. With several Imperial Guard units following on, the Orks were quickly outflanked and out fought, with the marines pivotal in taking one of the greenskins' main bases. By the end of 08.009M42 much of the Ork settlements had been razed to the ground and the planet looked like falling to the Imperium - the last gasp of the Ork Empire in the Shadow worlds. If Bothorion fell, only Kallack and Fort Aerin remained, and Roover had ambitions to take both.

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