Friday, August 07, 2009

More Eldar Raids

Eldar activity ramped up even further in late 07.009M42 as attacks from at least two apparently separate bands of Eldar took their toll on the Imperial base on Coronus. Adeptus Astartes troops from the mysterious Venerators chapter countered the appearance of the aliens near the northernmost outlying settlement and prevented significant damage from the marauding aliens. The commander on the ground welcomed the intevention, but had not asked for it, nor received any communication from the Marines. Even so the aliens were not beaten and withdrew after having inflicted major casualties on the Venerator's troops.

Meanwhile the Dark Angels countered a second alien incursion, launching from the Strike Cruiser Silent Hunter, currently patrolling in the Shadow Worlds to support our recent conquests.Eldar raiders had attacked the southern settlements on Coronus, slaughtering the inhabitants and destroying the infastructure. Responding to a distress signal a retaliatory strike was lead by Company Commander Angelus El'Zurias, who at the height of the battle personally slew the Eldar Farseer leading the raiders in single combat, having seperated from his command squad which had fallen back to clear a vital supply dump of xenos scum who had sneaked around the flank. Apothecary Kaleal tended to the wounded and harvested the gene seed of the fallen.

Inquisitor Huron soon arrived in the Shadow Worlds, attempting to understand the motives behind the Eldar attacks, which had so far baffled all Imperial tactitions and Logis Magi. The Tau too had been assaulted, though the overall plan to which the capricious aliens were working remained a complete mystery as 08.009M42 began.

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