Friday, August 07, 2009

The Venerators

Along with the Warhawks, the Venerators were believed wiped out during the fifth Black Crusade in 723.M36. Their presence in the Zadoc Subsector is therefore a mystery.

They were first seen on Betor. Whilst Planetary Defence forces had wiped out one of three Hive Fleet Nemesis landings on the planet, elsewhere Imperial commanders were retreating in order to buy time and shore defences. As the Tyranids advanced Venerator Thunderhawks arrived, disgorging marines to halt the tide. The Venerators appeared unsuccessful, though taking a chunk out of the alien advance many warriors fell and the marines were forced to retreat. They left with no communication with the Imperial forces.

The second sighting came on Coronus, recently reclaimed by the Imperium from Ork warlord Da Verminator. The planet came under sudden attack from Eldar raiders. Dark Angel forces already on the planet were able to repel the attackers and return to overseeing the construction of fortifications. Eldar were also spotted in sparser populated areas, and reports suggest that Venerator marines arrived to fight the alien menace. Though casualties were inflicted the marines again withdrew, slowing the Eldar attack but not halting it.

So far all attempts at communication with the lost chapter have been unsuccessful. Imperial forces are both welcoming of increased support in the war town subsector, and suspicious of the Venerators' motives.

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